The Centre for Historical Studies and Research is a non-profit cultural association aiming to increase the knowledge of the sources of historical research and to popularize history, as well as culture, through our free and open bilingual website (Italian and English).


The Historical Centre, as we call it briefly, lives with the support of its members and benefactors. Even a small donation can help us continue our work. Please contact us for any question if you wish to help us.


Among our scopes there is the strengthening of contacts with Archives, Libraries, Museums, and other cultural associations, with which we wish to cooperate in the study of the sources, in the multiplication of online digitized collections, in the publication of original studies, and in the organization of conferences, exhibitions, and other manifestations for the sake of developing the historical knowledge and spreading our results.


Our website is constantly enriched in its pages dedicated to archives, bibliophily and biographies.

When using our material, please cite the source as follows: Centre for Historical Studies and Research, page title, author, publication date.

We remind you that anybody can cooperate sending us corrections or additions to what is already published or other material to publish in our website. For this purpose we invite those who study archival sources to contact us and inform us on their study field, the archives and sources generally investigated, and their research already published or in progress.


Our next publication will be a page for the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the XVth century, a historical encyclopedia open to any contribution by historians and researchers and available free of charge to who visits our website, in conformity with the spirit animating our Historical Centre.

The growth of our activities depends on your donations. The Board of Accountants and Auditors supervises that any expense is carried out in the full respect of the statute of the Historical Centre, and the Executive Council works to address the availabile financial resources towards the most deserving projects, so to obtain the maximum result with the least cost.


We are particularly near to our colleague and friend, Primo Paruta, affected by multiple sclerosis, who gives us the strength to carry on our work and to whom we all wish to give the force to continue fighting against his disease and supply him with more means to enjoy with us the pleasures of culture.