Saturday, 18th June 2005, Nizza Monferrato, Palazzo Crova

Study day on “Montferrat, history and European vocation”

organized by the Cultural Circle “I Marchesi del Monferrato” and by the Accademia Aleramica of Alba.

Our association has taken part in it with a communication by Gianfranco Ribaldone:

Montferrat and the yellow pages of everyday’s life: indoor domestic life between XVth and XVIth centuries


Friday 7th April 2006, h 14,30, Turin, Italy, Palazzetto dello Sport in the Ruffini Park

Study day “From Italy to Argentina and back to Italy. Emigration and return immigration”.

The event is organized by the comittee “La Banda Arkuentu di Franzisko” with the cooperation of the Sardinian associations “Kinthales” and “S. Efisio” of Turin, all in favour of the associations “Cystic Fibrosis of Piedmont and Aosta Valley” and “Thalassemics Turin”, both seated in the Queen Margareth children’s hospital of Turin.

Our Association has taken part in it with a talk by Peter John Mazzoglio