1. E-archives: implementation of the digital collection of historical documents for a worldwide access.

  2. The Italian community between Spain and Portugal in the second half of the XVth century.

  3. Booksellers and printers between Piedmont and Portugal in the XVIIIth century.

  4. Encyclopedic dictionary of the XVth century.

  5. The Marquisate of Monferrato in the XVth century.

  6. The expulsion of the Jews from the Iberian peninsula at the end of the XVth century and the Sephardic Diaspora to northwest Italy.

  7. Biographic dictionary of Italians in Europe in the XIVth-XVIth centuries.

  8. Collation of documents and bibliography concerning Christopher Columbus.

  9. European explorations of XVth and XVIth centuries.

  10. Analysis of the Seven Year war.

  11. The agricultural crisis in Italy in the 2nd half of the XIXth century and the Agricultural Inquiry by Stefano Jacini.

  12. Unpublished witnesses of the 2nd World War: the publication of “War Prisoner, Russia 1942-1945” by Attila Trombetti.

  13. Numerical cartography of the defense and siege works of Turin in 1706 georeferenced on the regional technical cartography, scale: 10.000.

  14. Cooperation in the organization of an international congress (16-18 June 2006) for the quincentenary of Columbus’s death.

  15. Cooperation in the organization of an international congress (2006) on the occasion of the 7th centenary of the arrival of the  Palaeologues in Piedmont (Italy).